My Thoughts on Blogging

My teacher: Mrs. Kelly wanted us to give our input on blogging.  I personally really enjoyed the experiences that I have had with it so far.  It has taught me many things.  Also every kid likes using a computer for writing.  Who wouldn’t?  Some of the skills we have learned are useful.  Others are not.  Things like typos clearly stand out and many visit our blogs so this fact inspires us to write with a great effort put forth.   Something that was not useful or particularly necessary was widgets.  They distract viewers from our blogs and distract us from writing.

Here are some pros and cons of widgets alone:


They look nice on blogs.

Things like flag counter  aren’t too distracting or annoying and help people to know how many visitors their blogs have.

Widgets can entertain the viewer even if they do take away from the educational purposes of the blogs.


Some widgets have animals that move and are extremely intrusive.

Most widgets have no educational value whatsoever .

People tend to spend more time on widget enhancement than typos and grammatical errors.


The student blogging challenge has helped us to learn more about blogging as well as connect with those around the world.  It has also given us ideas for our blogs.  Despite being helpful and entertaining it has taken away hours in which we could spend on vocabulary but our blogs could help with this.


Blogging was amusing for many reasons and I would recommend continuing it for other years.  I would like to keep working on my blog for the rest of my middle school years.


Thank you Mrs. Kelly for introducing me to the wonderful world of blogging.

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