The Game

For week nine of the student blogging challenge it was recommended to make a post on the game that was given.  Miss W. said,

Step 1: Visit the participants page of the student blogging challenge.

Step 2: Right click on a link to a student blog, open in a new tab. Make sure this is not a student in your class – preferably another country.

Step 3: Read at least three posts on their blog and leave a quality comment on one of those posts. If there are no really interesting posts, go back and choose another student from the challenge.

Step 4: Take note of the URL of the blog and the post you left the comment on, as these will be added to a post you will write about the game.

Step 5: Look on the blogroll of this student. Right click open in a new page, a link from this blogroll. Try to get someone who is not from their class. Often teachers will use a pattern eg s600 or hz2 at the end of a student name when they create the blogs.

Step 6: Do steps 3, 4 and 5 until you have visited and left 3 comments.”

Those are the instructions.  Here are the links to the blogs I mentioned below: Charlie’s Snake Blog, Olivia’s Blog, and Caleb’s Blog.

First I went to Charlie’s Blog.

I left him this comment.

From his blog, I went to Olivia’s Blog.

I left her this comment.

From her blog, I went to Caleb’s Blog.

I left him this comment.


I really liked this week of the challenge because I got to visit other blogs and comment.

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