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This is for Make it Global on the Student Blogging Challenge.  All over the world people are struggling with a vast variety of issues and you can help.  I have found out some information about one particular one.  It involves water needs.  I like how they give water to needy children.  It warms my heart.  I made this in the the beginning of the school year I made this in a technology course.   Below is a Google Presentation. WCA website

WCA website

Toms is another foundation that helps the needy.  For every pair of shoes bought, one is given to a needy child.  I especially like how they give one pair of shoes for every pair bought.

After reading this are you inspired to help? 🙂

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  2. Hi, my name is Allison Cullars I am in EDM 310 at the University of South Alabama. I will be commenting on your blog post for the next three weeks. I enjoyed your interest in wanting to help people around the world. The video and pictures really got your point across. I loved this post, it really touched my heart. I feel awful that when I have plenty to drink, people in Africa have little to no water. The Toms association is a wonderful idea. People are able to buy a pair of shoes they like, while providing another person with shoes. I actually have a pair of Toms shoes. Your post has really inspired me to try and help more. Keep up the great work.

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