Purple smells like lovely lilacs on a grassy plain.  Purple sounds soothing like quiet jazz.  It feels like a warm, silky, and  soft blanket rubbing against cold skin on an inclement day.  Purple is loyal like a good friend.  Purple is the number 11.

Red is like a warning sign blaring through a loud speaker after a dangerous situation arises.  Red smells like sweat on a broiling day after a hard exertion of energy.   It feels tense and scared like a little child that has misplaced his family.  Red is fearful like a little squirrel racing away from an intimidating bear.  Red is heavy metal music and the unlucky number 13.

Green tastes like a crunchy crisp apple.  Green feels like a somewhat soft leaf on a tree in full-bloom.  Green smells like the fresh air in a spacious garden.  Green is fresh and new like a young adult on her fist day of work, filled with new ideas.  Green is the number one and is pop music, fresh.

By: Ilaria

Me, Myself, and I

Although there are many things that define me, one that sets me apart is my inclination to difference.    I have an alter-ego and have a love of Abraham Lincoln.  My uniqueness is what makes me myself and makes me unlike anyone else.  I am not the typical twelve year old and I like that about myself.  I have a lot to me but my wackiness stands out and makes me, me.