About Stephanie Spinner:

The author of Quicksilver is Stephanie Spinner.  Stephanie Spinner was born in Davenport, Iowa.  She spent her time growing up in Rockway Beach in New York.  She liked to read a lot as a child.  She went to college in Vermont.  She later moved to New York City.  She worked publishing so she could get money to spend her time reading.   She moved to London and went to Morocco, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan India, Nepal, and Ceylon.  Then she came back to America.  A while later Stephanie had a job in publishing children’s books.  She really enjoyed children’s books and became an editor.  Later, she was inspired  to write books but she didn’t think she would have ideas to write about.  She liked editing certain great author’s books and she didn’t think she would like writing nearly as much.  Then she wrote a book called Aliens for Breakfast and enjoyed it.  She co-wrote with Jonathan Etra.  This was the reason she liked it so much.  They also wrote Aliens for Lunch.  She started to like writing and now it is her career.  Some advice she gives is “If the life of a born-again bookworm sounds appealing to you, consider becoming a writer.” Aliens for Breakfast won the Texas Bluebonnet Award.  She also wrote Quicksilver, Quiver, Aliens for Dinner, Be the First in the Universe, Dracula, and The Magic of Merlin.








Why I Chose Quicksilver

I chose the book Quicksilver for my book report.   I am a big fan of the greek gods and a good friend recommended it.  I have read many books on greek mythology and I have enjoyed all of them.   I always like to read fiction -unless the book is about Abraham Lincoln- so I thought this book would be another novel I would enjoy.  Quicksilver is a book with five stories inside so in each story is a new adventure to wrap your mind around.  This was a very clever part of the book because I read 5 short stories instead of reading the usual 1 story.  When I saw the cover and heard about the book, I already liked it.  The  cover is very attractive and lured me immediately.  If you like Greek mythology this book would be a good match of your taste.  I have never read a story of Greek myths I didn’t like so that is an immense contributor to why I chose Quicksilver.  I was right about the book, it was full of  thrilling adventures and excitement that always kept the reader guessing.  Stephanie Spinner did a great job spicing up some old stories.

Hermes the Courageous

Hermes in Quicksilver, is a courageous and clever individual who always shows tenacity.   He outfoxes his oppenents every time with a new plan.   He is crafty when difficult situations arise and is exceptionally devoted.  His dedication is what makes him as valiant as he is and always helps him to push through.  Hermes is never doubted in his persistence and always is quick-witted.





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  1. Ilaria-
    Nice word choice and great paragraph! You have good and thoughtful descriptions and sentences! Great job!
    -Caroline Vincent

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