Our Class Nominations

Mrs. Kelly, my teacher, had the idea of doing class nominations while we wait for the student blogging challenge nominations.  We were

asked to either nominate students in our grade or second another nomination.  We could make up our own nomination.  For example, Kiley nominated Emma for a theme that matched her personality which is totally true. 🙂


On another topic:

Next week is our last week of school.

Thank you for a great year Mrs. Kelly.. 🙂

My Thoughts on Blogging

My teacher: Mrs. Kelly wanted us to give our input on blogging.  I personally really enjoyed the experiences that I have had with it so far.  It has taught me many things.  Also every kid likes using a computer for writing.  Who wouldn’t?  Some of the skills we have learned are useful.  Others are not.  Things like typos clearly stand out and many visit our blogs so this fact inspires us to write with a great effort put forth.   Something that was not useful or particularly necessary was widgets.  They distract viewers from our blogs and distract us from writing.

Here are some pros and cons of widgets alone:


They look nice on blogs.

Things like flag counter  aren’t too distracting or annoying and help people to know how many visitors their blogs have.

Widgets can entertain the viewer even if they do take away from the educational purposes of the blogs.


Some widgets have animals that move and are extremely intrusive.

Most widgets have no educational value whatsoever .

People tend to spend more time on widget enhancement than typos and grammatical errors.


The student blogging challenge has helped us to learn more about blogging as well as connect with those around the world.  It has also given us ideas for our blogs.  Despite being helpful and entertaining it has taken away hours in which we could spend on vocabulary but our blogs could help with this.


Blogging was amusing for many reasons and I would recommend continuing it for other years.  I would like to keep working on my blog for the rest of my middle school years.


Thank you Mrs. Kelly for introducing me to the wonderful world of blogging.

Our Nominations

For week ten of the student blogging challenge Mrs. Kelly’s 6A Grammar Class nominated two people for the student blogging challenge: Dawso and Circle Day Break.  I personally nominated Dawso and Malia nominated Circle Day Break.  I chose to nominate Dawso for many reasons.  I really enjoy her writing and commenting.  Here is what her blog looks like:

She leaves comments like this:

Dawso is a gifted writer and blogger and has been nominated before.  Her blog has lots to it and deserves to be noticed.

Congratulations Dawso!  Great blogging!


What Did You Think?

For week 10 of the student blogging challenge, it was said to interview someone who wasn’t familiar with my blog.

I asked questions to our school librarian named Mrs. Heilman.

Here are the questions and her responses: (note: the quotes are paraphrased)

What were your first impressions of this blog?

“That it was bright and looked interesting.”

What captured your attention?


What distracted you on the blog?


What suggestions can you give me to improve my blog?

“Typos and using your very best writing.”

The Game

For week nine of the student blogging challenge it was recommended to make a post on the game that was given.  Miss W. said,

Step 1: Visit the participants page of the student blogging challenge.

Step 2: Right click on a link to a student blog, open in a new tab. Make sure this is not a student in your class – preferably another country.

Step 3: Read at least three posts on their blog and leave a quality comment on one of those posts. If there are no really interesting posts, go back and choose another student from the challenge.

Step 4: Take note of the URL of the blog and the post you left the comment on, as these will be added to a post you will write about the game.

Step 5: Look on the blogroll of this student. Right click open in a new page, a link from this blogroll. Try to get someone who is not from their class. Often teachers will use a pattern eg s600 or hz2 at the end of a student name when they create the blogs.

Step 6: Do steps 3, 4 and 5 until you have visited and left 3 comments.”

Those are the instructions.  Here are the links to the blogs I mentioned below: Charlie’s Snake Blog, Olivia’s Blog, and Caleb’s Blog.

First I went to Charlie’s Blog.

I left him this comment.

From his blog, I went to Olivia’s Blog.

I left her this comment.

From her blog, I went to Caleb’s Blog.

I left him this comment.


I really liked this week of the challenge because I got to visit other blogs and comment.


For the Week 7 of the Student Blogging Challenge is was recommended to be creative.  I decided to do several of the recommended ideas.   One thing I really enjoy to do is art.  I especially like drawing people.  Here is some art I have done:


I also made a Storybird.  Click here for the link.


Using picmonkey I improved the picture quality of some of my drawings: